Hate mail/Love letters

Wanna get in touch with me/just touch me? 


You can check out my “profesh” site here.

You can email me (emmasthing@gmail.com).

You can Facebook me.

You can Instagram-stalk me.

You can DM me on Twitter, but who actually does that?

You can even follow me on Snapchat (@ icantemma) for hourly updates on my everyday because I consider it interesting and v important.

Or you can try to find out my physical address and write me a letter.

Whichever way you choose, I look forward to hearing from you.



  • Renee Petray

    You make me laugh

    • I’m so glad

  • Hey Emma! Im coming to you live from my sophomore year of undergrad as a PR major. I’ve come to realize how crucial it is that I stop calling myself a writer based on little word documents I keep to myself, and how important it is that I start building a brand just like you have. Any tips for accomplishing that from where I am now?

  • Richard Patrick

    I like the layout of your “profesh?” site. It looks very inviting and the color schemes are very pretty, as well. I also like its simplicity with the tools, which look very easy to manage. It’s very nice, I like it a lot and I think its a great “profesh?” site as well. Have a good day, emma. Bye!!! 🙂

    • thank you, richard!!!:) i’m glad you approve

  • You’re hilarious. And I love this.

    • and i love you for leaving a comment.