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Thursday OOTD?

This is what my face looks like right now as I contemplate writing this post:

emma's thing

The thing is, I’m not a fashion blogger by any stretch of the imagination. I don’t have an appointed buddy/half-way professional photog who takes my picture every day nor do I ever make a blog post solely about fashion. However, I do love clothes. And shopping. And spending money I don’t have and justifying it later to a bottle of wine who always listens when I talk.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I post my OOTD (that’s Outfit Of The Day) almost daily on the Instagram and today, here on my blog, I’m going to try something new by showcasing some of my favorite pieces from my OOTDs of the week. Let’s just agree now that if this fails epically, it’s like it never happened. Okay? Okay.

Yesterday, because Texas is a bipolar, middle-aged woman who is known to flip a switch without warning, it was around 80 degrees outside. To some, that sort of weather in December is a godsend – something to post about all over social media and rub in colder states’ faces. But to me, it’s blasphemous. Winter is supposed to be cold, frigid almost. I live for not being able to feel my fingers and wearing more layers than a homeless person (I also sweat exceptionally easily, so I’m pretty against warm weather as it is). All that being said, I decided to just go with it and take this warmer-than-usual weather opportunity to give those around me a leg and arm peep show one last time before I stop shaving my legs altogether for the duration of the winter months.

So I wore this dress by TopShop for Nordstrom which is, to me, perfection:

emma's thing

DEFINITELY NOT with those “shoes” (if that’s what you wanna call those), but with pretty much any other shoe, yes. It’s comfortable. It’s versatile. It shows off your stems and hides your mid-section. It’s a flirty cut without smacking people in the face with bright colors and big boobies. It’s fantastic. And it’s only $58 (click the picture to get to the dress).

But by nightfall yesterday, the temperature started to drop rapidly (bipolar bitch, I’m telling you). Thusly, I had to pull out one of my most trusted pieces – my tried and true blanket-like sweater something from American fuckin’ Apparel:

emma's thing

Let me tell you a little something about this treasure. I got so much flack for buying this, y’all. First off, it’s not cheap at 82 bones. Second, ridiculously oversized clothing items are sometimes hard for people to understand (and by “people” I’m referring to parents, mainly moms). But, I’ve had this for about two years now and have never once regretted the purchase. It is basically a perfect piece to lounge in, go out in, run errands in. And the compliments – OH! The compliments. I highly suggest investing in this – American Apparel never gets rid of it, that’s how good it is. Also, my stomach looks exactly like the models when I put it on. So.

Then, the world went to sleep and like magic, woke up to 30 degree temperatures and wind chills so cold, nipples remain in a permanent state of “IMMA CUT YOU.” But, as I said earlier, this weather is. my. shit. And I had to control my lady boner when I put on my new pullover sweatshirt from H&M (mens collection) and covered it with my new J.Crew winter coat:

emma's thing

Now before you go flying off the handle over the price of the coat, just know it was 30% off plus free shipping when purchased. Also, the sweatshirt can be a win for everyone, everywhere. Yes, it’s mens but the male model who was showcasing it on the H&M site is not a man. He’s an it. He’s a she. He’s a something and I don’t know what that something is. Basically, he terrified me but not enough to stop me from buying the sweatshirt. Here are both items alone in case my equation is confusing you:

emma's thing

emma's thing

The coat is warmer than I imagine Ron Swanson’s embrace to be. I could and will live in it for as long as the winter is kind. Also, the sweatshirt is just a fantastic staple, but be sure to wait and mess with your hair until after the sweatshirt is on your person – otherwise, your ‘do is gonna get all sorts of jacked up pulling that thing over your head.

So there you have it, guys. My first “fashion” post. What did you think? Yay? Nay? May…be? Regardless, I hope you’re now inspired to go spend money! I give you permission.



“all blogs post the same stuff.”


It’s kind of the truth and American Apparel  said it best with this shirt:

Then, the Man Repeller found the shirt American Apparel said it best with and bought it…

Irony, oh irony. When I saw this shirt at American Apparel I laughed and rolled my eyes and did this weird thing with my tongue that tends to signal confusion before I yanked it off its hanger and took it toward the register. Part of me felt like a drug smuggler, but most of me recognized the silliness of this shirt–obviously, we don’t all post the same stuff–even though I did hope I’d find several variations of these photos that were taken on Tuesday to write a story called “I’m So Irreverent, What’s Up?” – from the

But, of course, she rocked it:

And, ultimately, I decided it had to be emulated by yours truly:

“all blogs post the same stuff” – shakespeare

 I may or may not love her. But that’s not the point here today.

The point is that being a non-fashion blog, I sometimes feel as though I’m seeing the same font, the same layout, the same overall idea on every single fashion blog I come across. That’s not to say that some of these blogs aren’t completely legit and fill me with inspiration to go out and spend all of the money I never claimed to have on items that probably won’t be as popular in the coming months (coated jeans. just saying), but as the owner of a true “BLOG,” I do sometimes get hot and bothered about the amount of attention fashion blogs tend to receive.

I get it. They’re easier to look at. There’s no commitment there. Not to mention, they’re prettier posts in genereal (as long as the blog writer is attractive, because I mean otherwise… uh?). I’m not sure, even as adults, if we ever grow out of wanting pictures included in our readings in order to remain entertained and not put SO much pressure on our delicate brains to actually use their imaginations. To this day, if I pick up a book in a bookstore and the font is too small, I close that shit up so fast and put it back on the shelf like it was on fire. No thank you, small-fonted authors.

This is not a post to bash fashion bloggers – NO! That’s not what I’m doing here. What I’m doing here is trying to say hey – I know I may actually write full entries on, and I know the amount of words I am able to spew out of my fingers and onto the computer-page may seem extremely daunting at first, but I hope that what I’m doing over here and what fashion bloggers are doing over there has been enough to keep you coming back for more and more. The reason I love Leandra so much (the Man Repeller herself) is that she actually WRITES when she posts. It’s not just her being all like “Hey! Here’s an outfit I bought, photographed from 13 different angles. Most of the pieces are super cheap, so you can go get them, too! Oh but half of them are vintage from my mom so you’re kinda SOL! P.S. I’M IN THE MIDDLE OF A STREET! WHAT?!” or “Hey! Here’s an outfit I bought, photographed from 13 different angles. Every piece is couture and was purchased at either Neiman Marcus or Barney’s or a one-off boutique in my hometown and this shoelace costs more than your electricity bill every month and there’s nothing similar on the market for way less, but DON’T I LOOK CUTE???” The majority of Leandra’s blog entires and instagram photos may be “selfies” or overall outfit pictures, but… she’s funny. And witty. And engaging. And I think that’s what sets her apart.

And I hope you think that’s what may set ME apart from other word-vomity types of blogs you read. Yeah, sometimes I make no sense on here and like to just vent to vent. But most times, I am trying to relate to whoever I think my audience may be. Whether it be about sex, food, feeling fat, dating in your 20s, things that irritate the majority of normal Americans, love advice from an incredibly sarcastic standpoint, ideas for get-togethers, making you feel okay that you feel “old” and “boring” at 25 — I make the conscious effort week after week to try and say “You’re not alone. And, also, yes – you can have that burrito and finish it off with ice cream and laugh about it later through your tears.”

Listen, I’m human. I have insecurities and doubts and the desire to be liked. I can be vulnerable (even though I HATE it). I know I may look tough with my head of curls and overall “S MY D!” attitude, but I’m just a girl. Standing in front of a blog audience. Asking you to love her. Unconditionally. Forever. Til death do us part and then some.

P.S. Raise your hand if you noticed that I actually used correct punctuation and capitalization on this post. Something has changed within me, something is not the same…


– emma